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Reynaldo Pacheco was born and raised in La Paz Bolivia. Because of his trajectory in Hollywood as an actor and his philanthropic work; he has become an official United Nations and Unicef Ambassador. 

“Healing Portals” is his new collection of paintings where he combines crystals, Salts, and different painting techniques.

 His “combine painting” or “Combine” incorporates elements of both painting and three-dimensional


“The most important part of the painting is not the physical act or the work itself, but the thought and intention behind every brush or sketch. That’s where you truly communicate with your audience, in a timeless storytelling.” 

With that in mind, Reynaldo has developed “Healing portals”  with the intention of using elements of healing properties and the spiritual intention behind the craft.

previous exhibits:

  • France, Paris “ Nanterre Université “

  • Ecuador, Quito“ Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador”

  • Bolivia, La Paz “ CBA”

  • USA Indiana “ Wabash College”

  • Mexico, Chiapas “ Sna Jtz'ibajom

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